W2 Operator Training Group is Central New York’s water operator training facility based out of Port Watson Mini-Conference Center in Cortland. Offering a complete package of training and recertification courses for water operators, as well as recertification courses for wastewater operators, these classes can be taken to any place in New York State too remote for those to come to Cortland. Continuing education classes and renewal classes often offer tours of various types of facilities as well as featuring speakers which present on topics relevant to water and wastewater operator needs. W2 Operator Training Group also has personnel which can install, repair and maintain water and wastewater systems.

Classes are developed and instructed by Douglas E. Withey, former Water Superintendent with 35 years service to the Cortland Water Works and 7 years as an operator-instructor for W2 Operator Training Group.  W2 Operator Training Group can also create a training package to meet specific training needs for water and wastewater operations.