W2 Operator Training Group is a New York State Department of Health-authorized training facility for water operator certifications. Located in Cortland, NY we have trained operators for water systems all over New York State since 2005.

Using the resources at our training facility, coupled with the support of our local public water facilities, we offer the unique opportunity for our attendees to get first-hand experience with many of the operations and maintenance requirements that water and wastewater operators are tasked with.

Throughout the year, we hold multiple training courses for operators to get their A, B, C, or D licenses. Water and wastewater operator continuing education units (CEU’s) are available during our Winter Workshops. A variety of subject matter is presented at each workshop that will enhance operator knowledge and understanding in their field.

What Is Certification?

Certification in New York State is a mandatory system whereby an individual is determined to be qualified as a chief operator or assistant/shift operator for the complete and actual operation of a Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and/or Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP’s) for the purpose of meeting the requirements of the New York State Department of Conservation (DEC) or Department of Health (DOH) requirements and regulations.

Why Is There Certification?

Billions of dollars have been spent on the abatement of water pollution and the improvement of public water supply systems. Thousands of Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP’s) and Water Treatment Plants (WTP’s) have been built or upgraded in the quest for clean waters. Likewise, thousands of WTP’s have been upgraded to provide clean and safe public drinking water. These complex, expensive WTP’s and WWTP’s are useless without competent, well-trained individuals to direct and maintain the process and machinery used in modern water and wastewater treatment. The operator is the first line of defense against waterborne diseases, the guardian of water quality, and the safeguard of public health. We, in New York State, recognize the value of our operators and utilize the certification system to ensure that all operators are educated, trained, and experienced individuals.

How Do You Get Certified?

Every Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) operator in New York State who wishes to be certified at any level (Grade 1,2,3, or 4) must satisfy the minimum qualifications. For a public water supply (Grades A, B, C and D) operators must also satisfy minimum qualifications. The qualifications consist of education, experience at a WWTP, training, laboratory proficiency (except Grade 1), New York Water Environment Association (NYWEA), and passage of an Association of Boards of Certification (ABC) exam.

For public water supply operators, qualifications consist of education, experience at a WTP, training in the specific water system grade, laboratory proficiency, and a passing grade in the appropriate certification class.

Information from Department of Environmental Conservation, NY.

Water Sampling

W2O does sampling for several organizations in the area. Whether it’s just one time or a reoccurring sample, we have the knowledge to take the sample correctly to ensure that you comply with all requirements.

Backflow Testing

W2O is proud to have several certified backflow testers on our staff, ready to ensure that your backflow device remains in compliance.

Pump & System Services

W2O has a full pump service and maintenance division dedicated to ensuring that your plants’ equipment runs smoothly. Specializing in performing technical diagnosis for pump systems, we can find and fix problem areas with pumps, motors, and more. For more information on Pump & System Services, see the website here.